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What would you like to do on your trip to Africa?

By far, the most popular response to that is "wildlife safari". And fair enough too. That is how we got started.

We had a dream to see The Big Five in the natural habitat so we visited the iconic safari destinations in Africa. Places you've heard of: Kruger; Okavango Delta; Serengeti and the Maasai Mara. Along the way, we made a few discoveries.

Firstly, we discovered that there are vastly more wildlife reserves and national parks in Africa than we thought. More than 400 in fact! They range from the well-known places to some beautiful, wild places that most people in the travel industry have never heard of, so they are rarely visited by tourists. We have been to places where we and our guests were the only visitors for that entire year!

Secondly, we discovered that there is much more to Africa than wildlife safaris. It surprised us to learn that Africa has world-class hotels, restaurants, wine-makers, artists, snorkelling/diving, hiking, golf, trekking and mountain climbing experiences.

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