• Horseriding in Kenya

Horseback safaris

Throughout Africa, initiatives are underway to remove fences and other obstructions that might impede the natural movement of wildlife. This has a profound effect on the welfare of large mammals. The wide open plains in many countries are being connected once more by protected unfenced corridors.

A co-incidental benefit of this is that many of those same wide open plains are delightful destinations for horse-riding enthusiasts.

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There are horse riding holidays for every level of experience from beginner to advanced.  For your enjoyment and safety, it is important to match you properly.  We would not, for example, send a complete beginner on a horseback safari in the Okavango Delta where you might encounter dangerous wild animals.  We will arrange a phone interview for you with a horseback safari expert to help you choose the right adventure for you.

Several countries now offer horse-riding safaris.  The itineraries range from one-day experiences to week-long (or more) rides.  They can be based in luxury lodges, mobile, luxury camps or basic fly camps for the hardy.

The best places to book horseback safaris include:

Botswana Egypt Kenya South Africa Tanzania Zimbabwe