When things go wrong on safari.

Posted on Mon June 24, 2024.

No safari operator can guarantee that nothing unplanned will happen. Weather, wild animals, remote locations and more can conspire to interrupt a perfect safari, regardless of how much effort goes into the planning.

We spend countless hours understanding our guests' dreams, expectations and preferences. We spend even more time planning their movements and activities for every minute of their safari. But despite all this, occasionally things do indeed go wrong. That's when our guests see the full benefit of booking with a reputable and highly experienced operator like Experiential Travel.

Here is one guest's first-hand account of such an intervention.

"After flying out of Nairobi to our next destination only to discover that our luggage never made it onto the plane putting us all into panic mode with no shops within coowee of where we were, it was Neville to the rescue.  He somehow convinced the airline it was their problem to solve and then 2 flights and a taxi to our lodge at no cost to us as they suggested and within 36 hours we had our luggage.

"Just in time too as we were all getting a bit ripe in 32 degrees.

"Many thanks Neville"