Egyptian Pyramids, Temples and Nile Cruise

Take 10 days (9 nights) to explore the ancient masterpieces of Egypt, including 4 nights in a Presidential Suite in a luxury Nile Cruise ship.

This luxurious Egypt itinerary invites you to discover one of the oldest civilizations in the world – famous for its astounding temples and pyramids, endless desert landscapes and the enchanting Nile River. In fabulous style, this itinerary gives you insider access to some of the most sought-after sites in the country alongside expert Egyptologisits who will enthrall history dating back 7000 years.

Beginning and ending in Cairo, this journey includes a luxurious cruise down the river Nile from Luxor to Aswan, stopping off at key sites along the way. You can look forward to camel rides at the Great Pyramids of Giza, an after hours private tour of the Egyptian Museum, exclusive access between the paws of the Sphinx, visits to the Valley of the Kings, Abu Simbel, and Saqqara – the site of some of Egypt’s most ancient ruins, as well as an excursion to an active archeological site where you can spend some time learning and assisting with excavation and restoration work alongside archeologists.



Day 1


Arrival: Arrive at Cairo Airport. Our VIP meet-and-assist service will great & assist you through the passport control area and help you through luggage claim and customs. Then will transfer you to your hotel.

Day 2


Breakfast: Leisurely breakfast at your hotel.

Lunch: Lunch at authentic local restaurant.

Walking Tour through the Old Islamic Quarter: Arrive at one of the Old Cairo gates; Bab El Fotouh, to start this amazing walk through the ancient Islamic quarter, with its narrow streets, and bustling road-side shops and "wekalas" – trading places, that still actively trade in all sorts of wares. Walk down Al Moez Street until you reach Khan El Khalili Bazar.

Khan El Khalili Bazar: Proceed to the fascinating Khan El-Khalili Bazaar – reputed to be the largest bazaar in the Middle East. Originally founded as a watering stop for caravanserai in the 14th century, the bazaar has now grown to vast proportions.

Special insider access to the Egyptian Museum after the Normal working hours : Visit the centrally located museum on the edge of Tahrir Square in Cairo, opening in 1902, it was purpose-built to house the antiquities of Ancient Egypt. Inside is the greatest collection of Ancient Egyptian archeological history in the world. The new museum is expected to open early November 2022, once it is open, we will make the visit to the New One

Transfer: Transfer back to the hotel & overnight.

Day 3


Breakfast: Breakfast at your hotel.

Pyramids: Proceed to the Pyramids of Giza. The only present-day survivors of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, they are among the world’s greatest tourist attractions and never lose their ability to inspire and overwhelm visitors.

Lunch: Lunch at Khufu’s restaurant with the greet view of the pyramids.

Camel Ride: No trip to Egypt would be complete without a ride on a “ship of the desert”, and so you will have an opportunity to mount your individual camel for an Unforgettable ride across the sands of Giza from a distance.

Exclusive Insider access to the Sphinx Paws: Get an insider access under the Paws of the mysterious Sphinx, an ancient figure shrouded in legend and mystery. Your Egyptologist will enthrall you with the tales told of this fascinating figure.

Transfer: Transfer back to your hotel & overnight.

Day 4

Cruising the Nile

Breakfast: Breakfast or boxes will be arranged from the hotel & checkout.

Transfer: Transfer to the airport to fly to Luxor.

Arrival: Arrive in Luxor and start visiting:

Karnak Temple: Visit the temple of Karnak, the largest religious complex that was ever built for a god. The temple is dedicated to the god Amon Ra, the chief creator god in Ancient Egypt. Explore Khonso Temple & the Opet festival chapel which is one of the off beaten track sites.

Transfer: Transfer to the Sun Goddess Cruise – Presidential Suite.

Lunch: Lunch onboard your cruise.

Luxor Temple: At around sunset visit the Luxor temple that was predominantly built by Pharaoh Ramses the second.

Sphinx Avenue: Walk the Sphinx Avenue from the Luxor Temple side (Halfway walk the most intact part of it – then walk back).

Dinner: Dinner & entertainment onboard your cruise.

Day 5

Cruising the Nile

Breakfast: Breakfast onboard your cruise.

Valley of the Kings: Cross to the west bank of Luxor & start the visit to the hidden behind the mountains on the west bank of the Nile. Visit the tomb of King Ramses 6 & the famous tomb of King Tutankhamen, where they discovered over five thousand objects of jewelry, alabaster and funeral furniture. Then have the off-beaten track experience by visiting Dra Abu el Naga where you will be dazzled by the details in the tombs of Roy and Shoury.

Hatshepsut temple: Visit the temple of Hatshepsut the only female pharaoh who dressed and ruled like a king. Have a photo stop by the huge Colossi of Memnon.

Lunch: Lunch onboard your cruise.

Dinner: Dinner & entertainment onboard your cruise.

Day 6

Cruising the Nile

Breakfast: Breakfast onboard your cruise.

Edfu Temple: visit the temple of Horus at Edfu, The complex is one of the most well-preserved sites in Egypt today; its architecture is very much intact, and the building contains a wealth of legible inscriptions on its walls. It is dedicated to the falcon god, Horus.Several of the inscriptions found at the temple of Edfu describe what is known as the “Sacred Drama.” The story describes the conflict between Horus, the deity of the fertile Egyptian lands near the Nile, and Seth, the deity of the surrounding Egyptian desert, as Horus seeks revenge for the murder of his father, Osiris.

Lunch: Lunch onboard your cruise while sailing to Kom Ombo.

Tea at Club Lounge.

Kom Ombo Temple: Walk to visit the temple of Kom Ombo temple, dedicated to the crocodile and falcon gods. Stop at the Crocodile Mummification Museum, where you can see crocodile mummies that are thousands of years old.

Dinner: Dinner onboard your cruise.

Day 7

Cruising the Nile

Breakfast: Breakfast onboard your cruise.

Philae Temple: In the morning, Drive for about 15 min till you arrive to the Pier then get a motorboat to cross to the other side to visit the island of Philae and the temple of Isis, the goddess of love and passion in ancient Egypt.

The Unfinished Obelisk: See the granite quarries, where ancient Egyptians mined granite to build their eternal structures.

Lunch: Lunch onboard your cruise.

Dinner: Dinner onboard your cruise.

Day 8

Abu Simbel

Breakfast: Breakfast onboard your cruise & disembark.

Transfer: Transfer to the airport to fly to Abu Simbel.

Abu Simbel Temples: Visit Abu Simbel temple on the southern border of Egypt. This site is the home of two massive rock temples dedicated to Pharaoh Ramses the Second and his wife Nefertari. See the gigantic statues of the pharaoh standing for over 3200 years, flanking the entrance to one of the most impressive temples in Egypt.

Transfer: Transfer to the airport to fly back to Cairo.

Arrival: Arrival at Cairo airport and transfer to your hotel.

Day 9


Breakfast: Breakfast at your hotel.

Insider access to an active archeological site: It’s a special moment to go and explore a wonderful experience visiting an active archeological expedition dig and see what is still underneath the antient world. Explore the passages of eternity of the underworld.

Saqqara: Drive for about 45 min to Saqqara, the necropolis of Memphis, home of the step Pyramid, the first limestone structure ever built. Explore its 4350 years old colored tombs. Get the chance to go inside a pyramid and see the ancient Hieroglyphics that have been engraved on its walls for thousands of years. Then visit the off-beaten track tombs of MHU the brothers, the Butchers and Maya – Enter the step Pyramid of King Djoser – Then proceed to visit the off beaten track of the Serapeum.

Lunch: Lunch will be at authentic local restaurant.

Coptic Cairo: Visit of Coptic Cairo, there you will find the remains of the old Fortress of Babylon, built at the time of the Romans in Egypt to protect the country from invading enemies. The walls of the fortress enclose the Church of St. Sergius, which is built on a crypt considered to be one of the resting places of the Holy Family during their flight to Egypt 2000 years ago.

Transfer: Transfer back to your hotel & overnight.

Day 10


Breakfast: Breakfast at your hotel & checkout.

Transfer: Transfer to Cairo Airport for your flight home with your heart filled with memories, experiences and voices of the Nile & Egypt.